Andrade Endorsed by Sierra Club

State Rep. Jaime Andrade has been endorsed by Sierra Club Illinois. Known in environmental circles for both his 100% voting record with the Illinois Environmental Council and his first-of-its-kind legislation banning harmful micro-beads that pollute our waterways, Jaime Andrade expressed his gratitude to the Sierra Club for their full support in the upcoming Democratic Primary on March 17th.

“I grew up enjoying all the natural beauty Illinois has to offer. Lake Michigan, our waterways, our forests. We have to protect the things that make Illinois such a special place – its natural environment being chief among them. I want my children – and theirs – to be able to enjoy the same Illinois I am lucky enough to have known. That’s what makes Sierra Club Illinois’ recognition of my commitment to environmental protections so special. Together, we will keep fighting to protect the things that make Illinois great.”
— State Representative Jaime M. Andrade, Jr. • 40th District